Cocktail Culture Gets a Refresh

Camper English relates his “Greetings, readers of Alcademics!” noting that it has been a busy few months since Doctors and Distillers was released.

Positive reviews have be posted in ScienceScientific American, the New York Times, with excerpts in the Wall Street Journal and LitHub

The author isnow offering signed copies shipped directly to any U.S. address.

The author adds:

I’ve been giving some talks in support of the book in recent weeks, including one to the University of Washington Health Sciences Library and a class visit to UC Berkeley. I’ve also popped in to some zooms for book clubs that have read the book.

I give a pretty fun talk and if you want to discuss hiring me for an online or in-person talk, possibly with a cocktail pairing, let me know! You should be able to reply to this email to get in touch with me.

Other Writing

Surprisingly, sales of D&D have not yet allowed me to pursue the lifestyle of the rich and famous I so deserve, and thus I’ve had to keep writing articles to pay the rent. Here are a few that you may find interesting:

Stories on Books:

Stories on Bars and Bartenders:

By now you may have seen local bartender Christian “Suzu” Suzuki-Orellana on the new Netflix Bar Masters show. I wrote a preview when the cast was announced. Did he win though? I’m not telling, but in this article I did argue that Bar Masters is finally a bartending show that’s interesting to watch.