Composer James McKee (Photo by Maria Gilardin)

Berkeley Sonic Prayer Flags Honors KPFA

The City of Berkeley’s Office of Economic Development has announced that Jim McKee and the Kitchen Sisters will soon be producing a happening within easy reach of ferry riders.

“Speak Out — Berkeley Sonic Prayer Flags” Was inspired by Berkeley’s rich history as chronicled in archival recordings from KPFA and the Pacifica Radio Archives, “Berkeley Sonic Prayer Flags” is an eight channel sound installation featuring an eclectic mix of audio clips from the past and present.

From intimate interviews and personal performances to gatherings of celebration and protest, these sound elements span a range of over 70 years including voices from the 1940s peace movement and the 1960s free speech era.

This piece invites listeners to witness the sounds of the poetry, music, progressive voices, radical thinking, and activism that makes Berkeley what it is today.

This piece is dedicated to Erik Bauersfeld who served as the Director of KPFA’s Drama and Literature Department for over 30 years and who mentored scores of sound artists with his love, knowledge and appreciation of the arts.

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