Blomstedt Leads Beethoven’s Monumental Eroica Symphony

San Francisco Symphony Conductor Laureate Herbert Blomstedt leads Beethoven’s monumental Eroica Symphony, tonight.

Originally dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte in commemoration of his opposition to tyranny, Beethoven crossed out the dedication after Bonaparte became a tyrant himself. Heralding a new era of classical music that showcases the orchestra’s expressive range, Beethoven’s Third is an epic struggle that culminates in a glorious finale celebrating the undying heroic spirit.

Before last night’s performance, the orchestra started the program by giving a standing ovation to all the subscribers, patrons, and supporters of SFS.

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Beethoven’s Third Symphony Eroica, the “Heroic,” literally turned classical music on its head. Composing the first ever symphonic autobiography, Beethoven laid bare his dreams, his fears, and, at its climax, his rediscovered heroism. From his early musical rivalries in Vienna to the terrifying realization of his increasing deafness, Beethoven reveals the roots of his genius in this episode of Keeping Score. Never before had music dared to paint so personal a portrait. Follow Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony as they delve deep into the psyche of one of Western Civilization’s greatest artists, reading between the notes of his favorite work.