Harry Brock (Michael Torres*, center) greets Mrs. Hedges (Terry Bamberger, right) and Senator Norval Hedges (Louis Parnell*, left).

Born Yesterday at SF Playhouse is Pitch Perfect

Now through March 10, San Francisco Playhouse presents “Born Yesterday,” Garson Kanin’s brilliant send up on political corruption that could have been torn out of today’s headlines.

Directed by Susi Damilano, the production is gleaning rave reviews from a diverse group of expert scribes. Writing for the Progressive Pulse, theatre critic Kevin M. Thomas, says “While truly a retro classic, there is something very current and fresh about the show.

While the play premiered on Broadway in 1946, this revival Playhouse revival is pitch perfect.

Harry, a ruthless, thuggish millionaire—with his showgirl fiancée, Billie, in tow—comes to Washington to bribe a senator and enrich his business interests. He soon hires a reporter to clean up Billie’s image; but as she awakens to a world full of possibilities, she starts to question corruption’s stranglehold over the disadvantaged.

“When I read this play, I was immediately struck by how resoundingly its message still rings after 70 years,” said Damilano. “The timeless story of integrity triumphing over political self-interest feels as relevant as ever—and, I hope, will provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our own human nature.”

The cast of Born Yesterday features Millie Brooks, Michael Torres, Anthony Fusco, Ed Berkeley, Jason Kapoor, Louis Parnell, Derek Fischer, Terry Bamberger, Casey Robert Spiegel, Marty Lee Jones, and Melissa Quine