Exclusive Interview: Kunal Prasad of “The Play That Goes Wrong”

Here is the interview of the actor Kunal Prasad, soon to be seen as “Jonathan” in San Jose Stage Company’s production of THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG, the madcap hit from Broadway and the West End.

The San Jose Stage Company(Randall King, Artistic Director, and Cathleen King, Executive Director) is pleased to announce the cast and creative team for The Play That Goes Wrong, the first production of MILESTONE: The 40th Anniversary Season.

Cultural Currents: fHow do you prepare for the role of Jonathan/Charles Haversham? Are there any special challenges for bringing this off?

Kunal Prasad: Many have heard the saying: “acting is reacting” and to me, it’s a 100% true statement. In the play Jonathan is at the mercy of his fellow actors, stage managers and the set itself. He has to deal with whatever happens, for better or worse. So the actor that plays Jonathan has to be really good at living through a moment as uncomfortable as it may be— and I really love to do that.

CC: Given your wide experience, acting in Bay Area theatres, what conclusions have you drawn about our local audiences?

Prasad: Bay Area audiences love a thoughtful, intelligent play that sweeps them away and ’The Play That Goes Wrong’ will do that and make them laugh out loud.

CC: Our readers are reliant on ferries and other forms of public transportation when visiting The South Bay. Can you suggest any reading material and/or podcasts for them to enjoy during the journey?

Prasad: I love public transportation! And have spent many a minute on a train, bus, or ferry. Currently I’m listening to the podcasts:  ‘A Way with Words’ hosted by Martha Barnette and Grant Barret, Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford, and ‘Race Chaser: Hot Goss with Alaska and Willam’