Lindsay (Jessica Lynn Carroll) waits in the entomology department in the Museum of Natural History.

Feeling “Buggy?” Get Out to See “An Entomologist’s Love Story”

The world premiere of “An Entomologist’s Love Story” is now being staged at the legendary San Francisco Playhouse.

Written by Melissa Ross, this effort is directed by Giovanna Sardelli:

Working at the Museum of Natural History has its ups and downs for entomologists Betty and Jeff. As they research the mating rituals of bugs, they find their own complicated relationships increasingly under the microscope.

An Entomologist’s Love Story is a comic, edgy and explicit look at love in our times. When playwright Melissa Ross set out to write a science-based play as part of a Sloan Commission, she was intrigued by the field of entomology. “I’d read an article in a magazine about the mating rituals of insects,” said Ross, “and thought it would be great to juxtapose that with the complicated mating rituals of thirty-something New Yorkers.”