Muybridge "Contortions on the Ground" 1887

Fraenkel Gallery to Stage “Unconventional” Photo Exhibit This Fall

A much-anticipated photo exhibition takes place October 24, 2019 through January 18, 2020, when the Fraenkel Gallery stages “Long Story Short,” celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Comprised of sixty photographs spanning almost eighteen decades, “Long Story Short” is both an unconventional slice of photography’s rich history and an X-ray of the gallery’s idiosyncratic approach to the medium.

The exhibition examines photography’s essential role in the evolution of art over the last 180 years and highlights links between the medium’s early pioneers and multi-disciplinary artists of today. Long Story Short offers a deliberate alternative to the onslaught of disposable imagery now part of everyday experience, and was conceived to reward sustained engagement. Both the exhibition and the book lead the viewer through an abbreviated tour of photography’s 180-year evolution.

According to Jeffrey Fraenkel, the exhibition is essentially “images about which we know almost nothing.” This is especially relevant, he adds, because we live in the thick of the digital era.

Long Story Short aims to convey that visceral sense of experiencing a work of art for the first time, in ways that defy words,” concludes Fraenkel.