It’s All About Family…Billiards, That Is

For many, the month of January represents rejuvenation and an opportunity to get back to the wholesome pursuits of self-improvement. But for those of us who have grown tired of taking the pledge, there are the exotic cults of chance. Here are few alternatives to consider.

Waterfront dive bars featuring coin-operated pool tables remain attractive destinations for some ferry passengers waiting to pass the time. We recommend caution, however, before engaging in a betting game with the habitues. The game may look easy, but preparation is key. A few hours at an old-fashioned pool hall may be just the ticket.

In San Francisco that means falling by Family Billiards, where adults 18 and older may hang until the wee morning hours every day of the year…including our nation’s most cherished holidays. “It’s all about family,” as they say.

This place is the oldest, continuous running pool room in The City, featuring 18 regulation Brunswick Gold Crown tables which are regularly maintained to provide optimum shooting conditions.

Enter this Holy of Holies and you may recall the profound observations Paul Newman makes about a similar joint in that classic film, “The Hustler.”

“It’s quiet…like a church.”

Besides featuring regular league tournaments, this venue also hosts international competitions for touring professionals. We have on occasion overheard some of them declare that once they retire, they’ll spend more time with “The Family.”