Shawn HUCKINS, American Portrait II: Mrs. Joseph Hooper (after Copley), 2022, oil & acrylic on canvas

Modernism Gallery Features Shawn Hackins

MODERNISM presents its fourth solo exhibition of contemporary American painter Shawn Huckins through March 4.

The works in If I’m Home, Find Me Here employ modern fabrics painted over traditional American portraiture to explore questions surrounding what, how much, and how well we share and hide.

In these hand-painted recreations of historic works, fabrics are staged on a model in the studio, lit from the same direction and with the same temperature as the light source in the original painting, then drawn into the final composition. Bold, bright, and colorful fabrics cover all, or significant portions of the portrait.

Viewers get few clues about the sitters, save an exposed hand, piece of jewelry, or beloved pet, all superficial details chosen to be revealed.

Says the gallery: “Only in a painting’s title do we learn the subject’s identity, anything more that might be known about these people remains hidden beneath piles of cloth and clothing so ubiquitous it could be our own.”