New Book on Pet Loss Should Provide Comfort During These Troubling Times

Pet ownership is at an all time high, thanks the pandemic, say animal rights groups.

Dogs, being man’s best friend, are especially comforting these days.

But the loss of such a companion can be hard…even devastating.

Film and television actress Reagan J. Pasternak (HBO’s “Sharp Objects”, “Being Erica”) believes that she may have produced the right book addressing this issue during our current global health crisis.

Griffin’s Heart, Mourning Your Pet With No Apologies is part memoir and part interactive guide.

It recounts the author’s personal experiences mourning a pet while leading the reader through healing exercises and providing space for journaling, sharing photos and memories, and more. Griffin’s Heart ($27.99, Creatures Align Press) will be available for purchase in early December 2020 via

“I started writing Griffin’s Heart after the death of my soulmate animal, Griffin, as a way to help heal my wound and find meaning in my grief. Through this process I began to understand that the crushing weight of my loss was not unique to me and that for millions of people whose pets are their family, there was a need for a compassionate and insightful resource,” said Pasternak. “The book is everything I wish I’d had after my Griffin died and it’s my hope that readers will find comfort, insight, companionship, and hope in the pages.”

The author will soon be interviewed in Cultural Currents, where she will share additional insights on inspiration and healing.