Mary Carlson, St Catherine Reading (after Campin), 2020

“Rituals of Devotion” Exhibition and Film Programs Staged by McEvoy Foundation

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts announces the short film program and feature-length film screenings for Rituals of Devotion (March 10–May 27, 2023), its spring exhibition about the power of ritual to connect us to spiritual and otherworldly realms.

Examples from the McEvoy Family Collection are joined by artworks in a range of mediums to construct a playful environment for thoughtful contemplation of the unknown. Rituals of Devotion is accompanied by We Begin Again, an original program of short films that screens daily in the McEvoy Arts’ Screening Room. Special screenings of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and the gospel documentary Say Amen, Somebody expand on the gallery exhibition’s spirited themes.

Organized from the McEvoy Family Collection and other contributions, Rituals of Devotion considers the many ways that artworks can be sites of ritual, connecting us to spiritual, otherworldly, and earthly realms. Performing as stand-ins for dreams, desires, or enlightenment, the assembled works are touchstones that trigger the imagination and produce connection to histories, cultures, and the unknown.

Examples include works that draw inspiration from a variety of religious traditions and cultural belief systems, spiritual practices such as tarot, and imagined or extraterrestrial environments. The exhibition also explores more earthly considerations with its attention to human relationships that are reified and honored in portraiture.

Cultural Currents readers may learn more about the film and exhibition schedule Here.