Tauba Auerbach "Static 16" (Private Collection)

SFMOMA Brings Tauba Auerbach Back for “S u Z” Exhibit

Tauba Auerbach — S v Z  exhibition is to be featured at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from December 18, 2021 – May 1, 2022 

 New York based, Bay Area native Tauba Auerbach employs a wide range of materials and techniques in a practice grounded in math, science and craft. Focusing on matters of duality, connectedness, rhythm, form and reason, Auerbach’s work undoes what the artist calls the “logical gaze.” 

S v Z, Auerbach’s first museum survey exhibition, frames their prolific output over the last seventeen years and includes compositions that explore the properties of letters and symbols; drawings and books that subvert binary relationships; trompe l’oeil paintings that manipulate surface and dimension; infrared photographs that document fluid dynamics; weavings and glass sculptures composed of interlocking wave forms; and video that interprets theories in quantum physics.