Julian Charrière: Erratic

SFMOMA Exhibit Pays Tribute to Mother Earth Later This Summer

While ferry riders are celebrating Earth Day now, we may consider an planning for wide range of exhibitions which debut at the The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) this summer, sparking discussion and exploring the way we view and engage with our surroundings.

We are especially keen on checking out “Julian Charrière: Erratic,” which will be staged on August 6, 2022–May 14, 2023

The fascinations of the Arctic and Antarctic have captured our collective imagination for centuries. For the last decade, French-Swiss artist Julian Charrière has traveled to remote and hostile polar regions to explore humankind’s interconnection with these otherworldly environments that have come to represent the precariousness of our future.

The artist’s first solo exhibition on the West Coast, Julian Charrière: Erratic presents works across media that revolve around the artist’s poetic engagement with ice landscapes challenging our constructs of different temporalities, while bringing attention to the traces and longstanding effects of human interferences in nature. The central work of this cinematic and sensory filled exhibition is Towards No Earthly Pole (2019), a panoramic film combining haunting footage of glaciers taken at night during the artist’s expeditions to various glacial regions.

Through immersive encounters with Charrière’s work in this timely exhibition, visitors are invited to approach an environmentally, culturally and politically charged geography with a heightened sense of ecological awareness.