The Art of Fine Printing Collaboration Explored at Fog Design+Art

As noted in an earlier post, the eighth edition of FOG Design+Art took place last week at Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture in San Francisco after being postponed last year due to COVID-19.

The program brought together leaders in the fields of art, design and technology, with the FOG Talks providing engaging perspectives on some of today’s most relevant issues.

Talks ranged from unpacking NFTs to diving into San Francisco’s treasure trove of public murals and looking towards the future of museums.

We especially enjoyed “The Art of Collaboration in Bay Area Fine Printing,” featuring artist Enrique Chagoya, and Don Farnsworth, Director, Magnolia Editions.

Blake Riley, Lead Printer and Creative Director, Arion Press, moderated the discussion, noting that “San Francisco has long been famous for its shipping and coffee trades…but printing was nearly just as big.”

Indeed, the Bay Area has been the home of a fine printing resurgence over the last half century. At the heart of this revival stands Arion Press and Magnolia Editions, both local establishments committed to creating unique artworks on paper.

Both Arion Press and Magnolia Editions worked with Enrique Chagoya to publish artist books—but in totally different styles.