Alameda Seaplane Route Re-Launched: Bring a Book


WETA recently celebrated the relaunch of San Francisco Bay Ferry service by cutting the ribbon on the recently built terminal at Seaplane Lagoon in Alameda.

The new Alameda Seaplane route provides direct weekday commute service between Alameda and San Francisco and allows for faster travel times between San Francisco and Oakland on the revamped Oakland & Alameda.

New enhanced schedules are also now in effect on the Harbor Bay, Richmond and Vallejo routes. Weekend service is available on the Oakland & Alameda, Richmond and Vallejo routes. Fares on all routes have decreased significantly for the next year.

Ferry riders may also wish to bring along a book for the journey.

Given the theme of  “sea planes,” we recommend Wind, Sand and Stars (French title: Terre des hommes, which means “Land of Men”).

This is a memoir by the French aristocrat aviator-poet Antione de Saint-Exupery, who flew a variety of aircraft to “ferry” the mail…including seaplanes.

It deals with themes such as friendship, death, heroism, and solidarity among colleagues, and illustrates the author’s opinions of what makes life worth living.

Riders can order a copy from the city’s oldest independent book seller: Books Inc.

Curious about which route you should take from Alameda now that there is a new terminal? Alameda ferry riders should use the following service based on their time and day of travel:

·       Peak weekday commute (before 9:30 a.m.): Alameda Seaplane or Harbor Bay

·       Middays: Oakland & Alameda

·       Weekday evenings: Both routes suitable, check schedules for specific departure times

·       Weekends: Oakland & Alameda

Learn more about the relaunch of water transit on the bay and view schedules, gate changes and fares by visiting the WETA website.