Ferry Building Marketplace Promotes Its New Fall Season

Autumn at the Ferry Building Marketplace started with the arrival of pumpkins from Ferry Plaza Farmers Market vendors McGinnis Ranch and All-Star Organics.

Here is their marketing pitch:

Each year over a hundred pumpkins arrive and are handed out to shops and placed in common areas.

The heirloom pumpkins set the tone for the weeks ahead as shoppers and visitors forage for autumnal flavors and inspiration throughout the marketplace.

Over the next few weeks ferry riders may visit the  marketplace and stroll with a Black Cardamon Latte from Blue Bottle Coffee or a Candied Yam Latte from Red Bay Coffee.

Stop by Dandelion Chocolate for a Pumpkin Financier to dunk in your latte – spiced with burnt honey and chocolate cream cheese and baked with fennel candied walnuts, better yet bring it home and serve à la mode with Pumpkin Galette Ice Cream from Humphry Slocombe.