Will the Klamath Become The Next Great Symbol of Maritime Innovation?

When the Bay Area Council embarked on an ambitious project to purchase and restore the Klamath in February 2020, it was with the goal of transforming this mighty ferry not only into its headquarters, but as a floating symbol of our region’s deep connection with commuters and the powerful spirit of innovation and creative thinking that has long defined the Bay Area.

The Council’s president, Jim Wunderman, also serves as the Board Chair for the Water Emergency Transportation Authority.

At the recent monthly meeting at the Port of San Francisco, he observed that the Bay Area should seize its historic role as a maritime leader in the “greening” of the local and regional commute

 We too, are keen on taking passengers “out of their comfort zone,” and using other transport modes to reach their final destinations.

The Bay Area Arts Community would be especially interested in learning about when this Last-Mile solution can be implemented.